Sunday, September 7, 2008

Santana is our Superman

Whenever you're in trouble. When all hope is lost. When darkness looms and you're about to fall. One man sweeps you up off your feet and saves the day.
Johan Santana, the Mets resident Superman.
The Mets were outclassed the first two games of the series against the Phillies. They were shutout for 16 straight innings and were never really in any of the two games. The possibility of being swept at home by their archrivals was a clear possibility. That 3 game lead was about to be cut to nothing.

But then in walks Johan Santana. And what does he do? He does what he always does. Johan Santana pitched like the ace that he is. Sure he struggled early and looked like he didn't have his usual stuff. But like any great superhero when the deck is stacked against you is when you perform the best. Santana has won every pressure game that he's pitched in this year, and unlike last season he's the arm you can count on when you're desperate for a win.

Of course if Santana is Superman, Carlos Delgado is Batman. Delgado taught Cole Hamels to never throw him a change up again by crushing two home runs. The second homer was a monster shot that they say travelled 466 feet, but looked like it was well over 500 feet.

So all is well in Metropolis this evening. The Mets are two games up on the Phillies. So they gave up one game in the standings. The key is that they are still on top.

How can you not be when you have Superman on your side?

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