Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Team Makes Me Appreciate Mike Piazza

Last night when they revealed the top 3 moments in Shea Stadium history, I found myself caught up in the moment when they showed Mike Piazza's inspiring home run back in September of 2001.

Later on Piazza joined Gary, Keith, and Ron in the booth to talk baseball and Shea memories when Keith Hernandez remarked that he'd never seen a player with as many clutch home runs as Piazza.

How badly do you wish we had a Piazza on this team? Although Piazza had his struggles there were countless times when he stepped up to the plate late in a game that you just knew something was going to happen. Now with which player on this current team do you get that feeling? That's right. None of them.

I remember the 1999 NLCS series against the Braves where Piazza was just horrendously struggling at the plate. But then in the 8th inning of game 6, Piazza came through when the Mets needed it most, nailing a home run to tie the game. Of course Kenny Rogers came in and ruined the Mets chances the next inning, but the point is even when Piazza seemed lost at the plate he delivered in that clutch moment time and time again.

Appreciate Mike Piazza for what he did for this club, and let's hope and pray that someday we'll get that kind of player again.

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bryan said...

hairstyle aside, this guy made the mets relevant again. i miss his clutch hits, which is something we haven't seen since then.