Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Smell Trouble

The Mets lost a heartbreaker on Friday night. It was heartbreaking because the Mets had so many "almost" moments.

Mike Pelfrey pitched a gem, but had the bad luck of an error in the first inning that allowed a run to score. Then in the 7th, Ryan Church almost robbed Brian Dobbs of a home run that gave the Phillies a 3 run lead.

Daniel Murphy appeared to be the only Mets player who showed up to play last night. He doubled twice, but both times was left on base with no thanks to David Wright. Speaking of Wright how on earth can he be second in the NL in RBI when he's batting .234 with runners in scoring position?

In typical Mets fashion the Mets teased us with the possibility of a 9th inning comeback when Wright & Delgado both got on base to bring the tying run to the plate. But Beltran swung at ball 4 to fly out to left and Ryan Church hit a bomb to center that just didn't have enough to out run Shane Victorino.

All this is making feel like trouble is around the corner.

Saturday's game has an 80% chance of being rained out which means a day/night doubleheader on Sunday. The Mets are notoriously bad at doubleheaders and the potential of getting swept is a real possibility. Pedro is slated to pitch on Saturday and we know that Cole Hamels is pitching on Sunday.

The Mets just need to win one game this series. That would leave them 2 games up on the Phils with the Nationals coming to town on Monday. Stealing the first game of the series is huge for the Phils. If the Mets would have won they would be 4 games up and be able to play more relaxed over the weekend.

But this is a "tightrope team." Why should we expect anything to be easy?

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bryan said...

incredible isn't it? feeling good about taking one game in the series, at home. but that's what last year has done to us...just don't get swept.

and d wright has been brutal.