Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't Pitch Garbage on Saturday

I'm sorry Jerry Manuel, but on this topic you're dead wrong. Manuel went on WFAN yesterday talking to Mike Francesa about who the potential starter will be on Saturday. Manuel said he will not use Johan Santana on short rest.

That's almost the dumbest thing I've heard all year.

I understand why Manuel is saying this. The plan is to use Santana on Sunday for the last game of the season, but unless something providential happens I think the Mets need to win Saturday's game first before they worry about Sunday.

There is no reason not to pitch Santana on short rest. Do you honestly think Santana will say no he can't pitch? Of course not. Look at how the Brewers are using C.C. Sabathia. You don't think we can do the same with Santana? He's got the whole winter to rest.

The Mets have to win Saturday's game. They have to win all their games at this point. If you send out Figueroa or Niese or Stokes, you're basically settling for second best when you've got filet mignon sitting their in the fridge. You can't pitch garbage in one of the most crucial games of the season. Haven't we already learned our lesson from Niese's last outing. The kid may be great some day, but he's not ready for prime time yet.

Pitch Santana on short rest on Saturday and then all hands on deck for Sunday. I'm telling you if you don't win these next few games it won't matter who you pitch on Sunday because we'll be out of it by then.


metgirl4ever said...

It's time to implement our group therapy sessions. I'll start. Hi, my name is Metgirl. . .and I am a Mets fan.

The Ranting Auntie said...

Hi, my name is Ranting Auntie... and though it is painful to say, I too am a Mets fan... I will now go back to drowning my sorrows in PB&J and looking for some Calgon to take me away from the madness...

dave said...

Hi I'm Dave and I too am a Mets fan. I suffer from bullpen anxiety and the inability to do anything in the 9th inning.

Brad said...

I'm Brad, and the Mets make me drink heavily.

It's good to be here.