Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Record Could Be Better, A Lot Better

Part of the essence of being a Mets Lifer is that you're never really satisfied with the current situation. The sun could always shine brighter. The team could always perform better. Life could be more enjoyable, only if. . .

Well, in that spirit I came across a stat that really had me thinking about how much less angst I would have in my life if only this stat was improved.

Now the stat in and of itself is pretty impressive. The Mets record since losing Billy Wagner is 21-9. Over the last 30 games the Mets have a winning percentage of .700. That's pretty remarkable. But the part that has me craving for more is that during this stretch there were 4 games that the Mets blew in the 8th or 9th inning and ended up losing.

4 games.

Now blowing 4 over the course of 30 games is not horrendous, but the fact is that those are games the Mets should have won. The bullpen should have held these leads, but they didn't. The Mets would potentially be 5 or 6 games up on the Phillies heading into Friday night considering whether the Phillies won or lost during those nights the bullpen blew a lead.

I know no bullpen is perfect, and to be honest they have looked good of late (or at least against the Brewers). Still it leaves me wanting more. More wins. More games between us and the Phils. More time spent relaxing than pounding my head against a wall in the 8th and 9th innings.

There's always more, but I guess I can be satisfied with a little sweep this weekend.

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