Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Time to Root for the Braves

I know the thought of it is painful, but it's time to root for the Braves. It seems unholy as cheering for the Cowboys or Eagles, but believe me it's necessary.

The Phillies play the Braves 6 times over the next two weeks inbetween series with the Marlins and Nationals. The Braves could hold the Mets playoff chances in the palm of their hand, or they could roll over like the Brewers did this past weekend.

The haunting part about the remaining schedule for the Mets is that they have to make one last trip to Turner Field. That is the one place on earth where Mets hope goes to die. Okay, there are two places: Turner Field & the bullpen.

The remaining schedule for the Mets is not easy. There's a 7 game road trip to Washington & Atlanta. Then it's home against the Cubs for 4 games and you close out the season with the 3 against the Marlins at Shea.

14 games, no off days. In my mind, the Mets need to go 11-3 in order to win the pennant. I'll give them a loss in Atlanta, a loss to the Cubs, and a loss to the Marlins.  I think the Phillies are on a hot streak and will close out their remaining 12 games by going, 10-2. That would give the Mets a one-game lead to win the division.

It's going down to the wire folks. The Mets need to keep winning games. A sweep of the Nationals is a must.

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metgirl4ever said...

Sad but true. . .Go Braves. That kinda hurt.