Monday, September 1, 2008

The Man

September is a month in baseball where the men are separated from the boys. Carlos Delgado has just slapped you upside the face with his man card.

While David Wright looked like a lost freshman struggling to find the cafeteria, Delgado picked him up and carried him on his hip along with the rest of the Mets in Monday's comeback win against the Brewers.

This was a game that was destined to be a 1-0 victory with both Ben Sheets and Johan Santana pitching like the aces they are. But in almost stereotypical fashion, Sheets dropped out in the 5th with a groin injury while Santana, who hasn't lost since June, was left with a no decision.

The Mets had countless opportunities to drive in some runs, but failed at pretty much every turn until Delgado smacked Eric Gagne for a 2-run homer, his 31st of the year, that ended up being the game winning hit. I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams back in May that Delgado would enter September with more than 30 home runs.

This run Delgado has been on has me flashing back to October 2006 when Delgado was a playoff hitting machine and has me craving to see him in the postseason yet again.

While Wright continues to find his stroke, Carlos Delgado has officially asserted himself as the go-to man on this team. How far we have come in just 5 months.

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