Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, that was easy...

Un-freakin'-believeable! That, Mets Lifers, was 
H-U-G-E! Just when you thought this team was dead (raising my hand), they picked themselves off the mat once again and fought their way to one of the more improbable victories this team has had. There wasn't a Lifer alive who thought they would pull this game out, especially after going down by 3 in the 7th. But somehow, by some miracle, they got the job done and find themselves still tied with the Brewers with 3 games to play. 

I'm not really sure how many more of these games I can take. I seriously tried to remain calm early in this game. I had almost a resigned feeling after last night's embarrassment. I didn't even feel excited when Church tied it up at 3. I just knew we'd give it back. So I held my emotions in check all the way until Ramon Martinez (love this guy!) came to the plate in the 8th, down by 2. Then, I was sucked right back in again...yelling at Jerry on the TV for leaving Martinez in to hit. "Noooo.....why are you leaving him in there???" 

From then on, my chest was burning, heart was pumping and I was loving this game and team all over again! For some crazy reason, I live for these games. More often than not, we are let down, hearts ripped out, and we all know how this team has a knack for that, but it's games like these that keep me coming back. I can never get it out of me. The swing of emotions from last night's devastating loss to tonight's exhilarating victory reminded me of mine and Dave's first posts to this site more than 18 months ago. 

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dave said...

An unbelievable game to be at. 70% of the crowd left after Rincon let up the 3 run home, but the Lifers (me and my dad included) stood for the rest of the game and saw the Amazins do it again.