Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stupidest Statement of the Year

Newsday is reporting that the Mets will not go after K-Rod (a.k.a. Francisco Rodriguez) in the offseason, but instead look at more "creative ways" to fill their need for a closer.

Sure. Why would you want to sign the most reliable bullpen arm in all of baseball? Who wants a guy that can save 40+ games a year? Why would you want to lock up a young, powerful pitcher to help bolster the worst bullpen on the face of the earth?

This is idiotic and whoever was Ken Davidoff's source from within the Mets organizations should be fired. Immediately. Pack up your things and go find Willie Randolph.

If the Mets organization thinks they have a better option for a closer than K-Rod, the Mets need a psychologist on staff.

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