Monday, September 22, 2008

Man Am I Glad I Watched Heroes

Monday night was the season premiere of the NBC show Heroes which I happen to love. I was watching the Mets game up until the 4th inning and then my eyes drifted over to channel 4 to catch up on one of my favorite shows.

Immediately I was hooked and I started tracking the game on my computer.

Boy was I ever glad I didn't sit and watch that debacle. Even through MLB Gameday the Mets game was painful. A grand slam by the pitcher? How does that happen twice in a year to one team? But the bullpen came in to let up just as many runs as Niese did.

And of course the Phillies manage to shutdown the Braves. The Braves had a man on 3rd with no outs in the 8th inning, but the Phillies were able to get out of the inning without giving up a run. I can't even fathom that happening to the Mets.

The NL East is done. Pack it up. It's Wild Card or bust right now and the Mets are one loss away from busting it yet again.

In the last week of the season with the pennant on the line and the team in a freefall the Mets send out an inexperienced pitcher to decide their fate only to have that pitcher fall flat on his face. You know that pitcher's name? It's Philip Humber. Oh wait, that was last year. Guess the Mets didn't learn from their mistakes. You think we would have learned by now.

Do the fans know that much more than Mets management not to make this error twice?

By the way, if you wasted your Monday night on the Mets, head over to to catch up on Heroes.


metgirl4ever said...

I was so disgusted & ill after watching a grand slam followed by a homerun I just dvr'd Heroes 2 watch Tues. That 4th inning was a mood killer. If that was foreshadowing of what the playoffs would b like. . .

The Ranting Auntie said...

I'm glad I was not home to see this happen live because I don't know what I would have done... my nerves are seriously shot right now, I mean keeping it interesting for the fans is one thing...trying to put us in rehab because we turned to (insert vice here) to make the pain go away is another matter...