Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Make It Stop


metgirl4ever said...


The Land Mind said...

i can say that i am not a totally irrational person. i can also say that if this monkeyfreakin team does this to us two years in a row, i will denounce this team. i did it with the knicks in 94 (2 for 16?!). i can root for spineless cowards. where is the heart and pride? and where is the man among these boys who will step up and lead? for all the shit that's said down i-95, ryan howard is one of the most clutch players in the game. he's a monster. this b*****n is bad for our health. of course, this could be magic and we could back into the playoffs and the bullpen could be lights out. a few teams who had no business winning the championship, but did. a few examples of such occasions in sports:
stl cards in '06.
bosox in '04
marlins in '03.
dbacks in '01
marlins in '97
giants in '07(won all playoff games on the road)
colts in '06(bad run defense all year is suddenly lights out)
steelers in '05(won all playoff games on the road)
pats in '01(beat vaunted stl rams; birth of brady)
osu in '02(miami one nat chmp year prior and had not lost a game this season)
uconn in '99(beat undefeated duke in nat chmp game)

so there are plenty of instances that this can be a good, character building thing for us. however, if its not, you will count me as one of the legion of former mets fans.

dave said...

Wow. All excellent examples "the land mind." You're right. Once you're in the playoffs, anything can happen. The key is MAKING THE PLAYOFFS.

By the way, just thinking about the Knicks in '94 gives me agida.

The Ranting Auntie said...

that right there is the whole issue... ANYTHING can happen in the playoffs but you can't show off your brand spanking new shut 'em down chicken dance if you don't make it to the big dance to begin with...