Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hey, How About that Wild Card?

Wow, the Mets took the lead in the wild card race on Tuesday. That's about the only positive thing that you can say.

While the Phillies continue to scrap, claw and slap their way to victory, the Mets conversely shrivel, shrink and scare themselves into yet another loss at the hands of that stellar pitching staff known as the Washington Nationals.

David Wright made a comment after the game that as a competitor "this is fun." Oh really? Striking out with runners on base when your team needs you in the clutch is fun? Getting outdueled by the worst team in the league is fun? Watching your archnemesis continue to win while you wilt is fun? If that's fun than sign me up for an eye gauging because that must be a reall ball.

Oh yeah and now that we're in second place for the first time in over a month and need a win about as desperately as we ever have, let's throw Brandon Knight out on the mound to win that crucial game. That sounds like a really stellar idea.

Hey Milwaukee Brewers fans, we feel ya.

1 comment:

bryan said...

"This is fun"...Yeah, just like last year.

He also said this collapse-in-progress is "just a bump in the road."