Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let There Be Light

It's time to turn the lights back on at Mets Lifer. Not because beating the Nationals twice in a row is any type of major accomplishment that shines hope on our season, but rather because we're going to need every ray of hope that we can muster heading into Atlanta this weekend.

The Braves laid down for the Phillies this week, probably because they wanted to save themselves for the series against the Mets. You think I'm being paranoid? Maybe, but I know that this Braves team loves to stick it to the Mets.

The one thing we have going for us tomorrow is Oliver Perez. Perez may not be able to beat the Astros or Nationals, but he always shows up against the Braves.

We're heading into Mordor with our season hanging in the balance. You want to see what this team is made of, and this series will make it crystal clear. I'd love to see us go into Atlanta and take two out of three, but a sweep would be miraculous.

Is it too late to say, ya gotta believe?


metgirl4ever said...

I'm praying God is a Mets fan. I'm stilling keeping up the faith!!

bryan said...

Unfortunately MetsGirl, God hasn't been a Mets fan since Game 6.