Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Time to Go Off

Look out people. Here comes the rage.

Why, why, why is Pedro Martinez so worthless these days? The hall of famer was totally outmatched by John Lannan. No, not John Lennon, John Lannan. Are you kidding me? Lannan looked like he was inhabited by the spirit of Nolan Ryan last night. Why can't the Mets hit off of lifelong horrible pitchers? Brad Lidge isn't a problem, but guys like Lannan are untouchable.

Pedro Martinez has become the worst pitcher in the Mets rotation. How far we've fallen. Check that. He's the second to worst guy behind whoever the Mets put in the 5th spot of the rotation. Is this deja vu? Do we not remember how Philip Humber had to fill in the last week of the season and ended up losing a crucial game for us? Why can't we pitch someone on short rest? This is the pennant were after here. Doesn't matter how much your pitchers get if they're not pitching in October? It's obvious the Mets can beat the Nationals very easily so why on earth would we want to risk losing another game by starting a spot start pitcher like Brandon Knight? He didn't even win a gold medal!

Back to Pedro. The hall of famer gives up a crucial 2-run single to the worst hitter on the worst team in all of baseball who just happens to ex-Met, Anderson Hernandez. Hernandez couldn't connect on a foul ball while with the Mets, but somehow Pedro turns him into Pete Rose.

This is going down to the last game of the season. I can feel it, and it doesn't feel easy. Why does the bullpen have to be riskier than Russian roulette? Why can't we get a decent performance from one person out there? Why on earth does Luis Castillo still have a job? Why is this happening again? Why? Why? Why?

Because we're Mets fans. And this is what they do. Go buy yourself some Rolaids. You're going to need them.

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