Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Mike Pelf: No I Won't Back Down

Big Mike Pelfrey has been stellar this season. In his performance against the Nationals on Wednesday, Pelfrey added to his aura by not backing down from Elijah Dukes.

In the 4th inning, Pelfrey lost control of fastball that tailed inside to Dukes. The pitch was no where near hitting him in the head and was purely a pitch that took off inside. Because Dukes hit a home run his last time up, and the fact that he's a certifiably psychotic loose cannon, he thought Pelfrey was going after him.

Dukes started yapping and made a move towards the pitchers mound. So what's a guy by the name of Big Mike Pelfrey do? He starts walking toward the psycho and jawwing right back.

That's right. No, I won't back down.

I liked Pelfrey before, but I love him even more. It was great to see this young guy not take the yapping and attitude he was getting from the ex-con Dukes, and Pelfrey wasn't afraid of what might happen next.

And of course the New York Mets faithful were backing Pelfrey all the way while giving it to Dukes in his following at bats. In the past two seasons I've always said that I'd go into a fight with the Mets because they had Paul Lo Duca who has that crazy fight potential. Now, I'm sticking with Big Mike Pelf as my strong man, not to mention the refrigerator, Robinson Cancel, might be able to scrap a bit too.

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bryan said...

that would have been an old school brawl between those guys. love big pelf going at him.