Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Farewell Billy Wagner

Billy Wagner gave a heart breaking press conference last night to talk about his injury and the fact that he'd not only miss all of this year, but probably next year as well. Wagner was brought to tears when he talked about his 10 year old son, Will, telling him that he wasn't ready for his season to be over. That just kills me too.

I think what also got to Wagner's emotions is the fact that he realizes his time in a New York Mets uniform is probably over too. Wagner is 38 and will be almost 40 by the time he's ready to pitch again. His contract is up at the end of next year and the feeling is the Mets will be shopping for a closer in the offseason (bring me K-Rod!).

Billy Wagner has always been a stand-up guy who will answer whatever question you throw at him with a sometimes painfully honest response. While Wagner has blown his share of games, for the most part he has been the most reliable closer the Mets have seen in the past decade.

The thing that makes me feel for Wagner even more is the fact that I know he agonizes over every pitch the Mets throw. He desperately wants to be on this team and help it win a World Series. It's going to kill him to be on the sidelines and that's the type of guy you want on your team.

I hope Wagner can recover from this and be able to pitch again if that's what he desires. We wish you a speedy recovery Billy. Mets Lifers everywhere wish you were in that bullpen in some capacity for this final stretch.

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