Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bats Awaken, Bullpen Still Slumbers

It's a good thing the Mets scored 9 runs. They needed every single one of them. Everybody, except for David Wright who went 0 for 5, seemed to find their stroke against the Nats. Well, it's about stinkin' time!

Unfortunately the Mets pitching was as bad as the Nationals. Brandon Knight gave us a pretty good performance, but the bullpen (surprise!) felt the need to make it a closer game than it should have been.

Man, can we ever get a night off? Every single game is just full of agida.

The important thing is the Mets got a victory to stop this losing streak. The bad news is the Phillies kept rolling and the Brewers figured out a way to win a ball game for a change.

Back to David Wright for a second, he looks seriously angry with himself and I think he's taking this personally. Every single out he's slamming his helmet, his bat, or just looking disgusted about the way he's performing. And you know what? I love it. It shows the kid has heart. He cares. He's sufferring with every loss even if he feeds the media with positive quotes and Switzerland-like commentary.

But he's got to take some of the pressure off himself. Wright got support tonight from his fellow power bats in Beltran and Delgado. Just relax at the plate, go the opposite way, and stop trying to hit home runs every time up and he'll be just fine.

Well it looks like Bryan's call to arms worked. It's got me psyched. It got the Mets to score some runs. Let's hope this lasts longer than 24 hours.


bryan said...

It was no doubt stressful, but then again, isn't that the Mets way?

Wright is officially pressing.

metgirl4ever said...

I had to leave the room at the bottom of the 9th w/ 2 out. All we needed was one more out - but our bullpen has to do it the hard way.