Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't Look Now, But Here Comes David Wright

It's only a two game series, and yes I know it's against the Nationals, but David Wright is starting to turn around.

In the series against Washington, Wright went 6 for 8 with 4 RBI and 4 runs scored. The key stat is that he's starting to come through with runners in scoring position and late in games.

On Monday night, Wright sparked the late inning comeback by leading off the 8th inning with a single. On Tuesday, Wright was in the mix again in pretty much every inning the Mets scored. And his home run in the 8th was huge.

With a 1-run lead, Wright came up with a runner on base and gave Luis Ayala the extra cushion he (and the team) needed to put the game in the books.

I posted two weeks about the fact that David Wright has historically been a big performer in September. We all remember how he carried this team last year in September and was the only guy producing. So he's a little late this year, but he does look more comfortable at the plate and is starting to take the ball up the middle which is always a good sign for a hitter.

Add that to a white hot Delgado and a surging Carlos Beltran, and you have arguably the most potent middle of the lineup in the NL.

Not to mention the fact that David Wright can take the Gold Glove home right now. We missed you David Wright. It's good to have the real you back in time for the home stretch.


bryan said...

wright is the team's best hitter. if he gets going, this team can be lethal on opposing pitchers. we let up 8 and 10 runs repsectively and won BOTH of those games. This year ain't last year!

Jay Smith said...

I enjoy the reading alot, thanks!