Monday, September 29, 2008

Stay or Go?

It's time to play everyone's favorite Mets game: Stay or Go? It's simple really. You determine which player should stay and which player should go. Don't worry about contracts, free agency, etc. It's a blood-letting day so just go with whatever that angry voice inside your head is thinking.

Here we go:
Wright - stay
Reyes - stay
Beltran - stay
Santana - are you kidding me? stay
Maine - stay
Delgado - not sure yet, for now stay
Perez - hmmm, stay for now
Schneider - stay
Church - stay for now
Murphy - love this kid, stay
Pedro - go
Heilman - hahahahaha, go. Go now.
Schoeneweis - see above
Argenis Reyes - stay
Ramon Martinez - I guess you have to give him another shot. stay.
Pelfrey - stay
Castro - stay
Castillo - I'll drive him to the airport. Go.
Feliciano - go
Sanchez - go, right now
Parnell - stay
Stokes - stay
Ayala - bye bye
Evans - back to the minors, go
Tatis - tough one, stay for now
Chavez - as bad as he is at the plate, he's vital in the field. Stay.
Jerry Manuel - for his press conferences alone, stay.
Luis Aguayo - this dude's a serious liability, go.
Marlon Anderson - please retire, go.
Jon Niese - stay
Brandon Knight - go
Nelson Figueroa - go
Omar Minaya - if you get K-Rod, you can stay
Easley - tough luck kid, go
Angel Pagan - who?


hdarvick said...

Why "Nelson Figueroa - go" ?
Because he allowed just one earned run (a solo HR to Derrek Lee after Niese alloweed the Jason Marquis grand slam) in six appearances of 6-2/3 innings of relief in September, striking out 7 and walking 2? Because he was 3-3 in his April/May and September appearances? You need someone who is capable of long relief and it can't hurt to also be a spot starter who is capable of pitching a complete game (10 in AAA Mexican League in 2007).

dave said...

Good point, hdarvick. I'm still not crazy about Figueroa as a starter and that's why i said "go." I think he might be a decent long relief guy so I guess I'd be open to that.

tm said...

Who cares about Figueroa? There are dozens of minor league FA's that can fill his role. Bring him back, send him packing, either way it doesn't matter.

Omar's To Do list should look something like this:

1) Fill out the starting rotation. Pedro and Ollie have to be replaced and Jon Niese and Brandon Knight aren't going to cut it.
2) Complete overhaul of the bullpen. Smith and Feliciano can stay, but are only allowed to pitch to rightys and leftys, respectively; Stokes can stay, too. Everyone else who was part of this debacle is gone.
3) Dump Castillo on anyone stupid enough to want him (I'm looking at you Ozzie Guillen/Ken Williams). Pay as much of his contract as it takes. We have no room for a bad-kneed, slap hitting, mediocre defender at second.
4) Play Murphy at LF and sign a real second baseman (Mark Ellis maybe) OR Play Murphy at 2B and sign a left fielder (Pat Burrell, Milton Bradley*)
5) Bring back Jerry Manuel, unless Bobby V is willing to come back, because that would be awesome.

* Just kidding about Bradley. Putting him in New York with the fans and media here would be f'ing insane. Entertaining, but insane.

hdarvick said...

"Everyone else who was part of this debacle is gone." So that doesn't include Figueroa since in September he was 1-0 and pitched a 1-2-3 inning against Florida Friday night and a 1-2-3 inning against the Phillies September 7th. In all, one earned run in 6-2/3 innings in September. And he excels at long relief although the Mets gave him only one chance at that, on April 30th when Ollie imploded in the 2nd inning. Figueroa came in and pitched 3-1/3 innings allowing one run. And it does matter. Long relief, short relief, and spot starter all in one. Name another major league pitcher who can do all three successfully.

bryan said...

hdarvisk, you have to be a family member or friend of figueroa...listen, he can stay, i agree, he wasn't a big part of this mess but like TM said
"Who cares about Figueroa? There are dozens of minor league FA's that can fill his role. Bring him back, send him packing, either way it doesn't matter."

he's not going to make or break us one way or the other.