Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'd Like a No Thank You Portion of Luis Castillo

My parents used to tell me that when I went over someone's house to eat and they were serving something I didn't like I should just take a "no thank you" portion, meaning just a little bit so as not to appear rude.

I'm ready for the Mets to start taking a no thank you portion of Luis Castillo.

I understand we're paying him big bucks and he's a veteran, but enough is enough. Put him in the game when we need a sac bunt or to pinch hit leading off the inning, but otherwise I want to see Argenis Reyes or Daniel Murphy at second base.

Reyes was in a groove at the plate when he was able to play everyday. Since he's been relegated to the bench, Reyes has struggled at the plate which is to be expected from a young player.

The big question is why isn't Daniel Murphy given a chance at second. Hmmm. He's batting over .300. He's as clutch, if not clutcher than anyone in the Mets lineup. He's currently playing OUT OF POSITION! Why wouldn't we stick him at second and get his bat in the lineup. Then you could platoon Endy Chavez and Nick Evans in left.

I understand that Manuel wants to limit Murphy's at bats against left-handed pitchers, but he's going to have to face them at some time. And right now I'll take Murphy facing a lefty over Castillo facing anyone.

In any case, Castillo is not that stellar a fielder or batter to warrant his playing every day. Get him out.


tm said...

Castillo may be useless, but Argenis Reyes is f'ing terrible. A .250 OBP with no power - he's like Marlon Anderson but younger.

dave said...

tm, I disagree. When Reyes was playing everyday he was a much better hitter than his current OBP shows. And comparing him to Marlon Anderson is just inhumane.