Monday, June 30, 2008

Moises Alou to Return Next Weekend

Jerry Manuel commented before the Mets/Yankees game the other day that Moises Alou should return to the team next weekend in Philadelphia.

Bye, bye Andy Phillips. Nice knowing you.

Now do I honestly believe that Alou will be playing for this team next weekend? Call me Doubting Thomas but I'm not going to believe it til I see it. What's next, they're going to tell us that El Duque is scheduled to start against the Cardinals?

Alou is a nice asset to have but he can't be relied on for any extended period of time. I do think that if Alou comes back he'll hit the ball like a rocket, as he usually does, but I fully expect him to be back on the DL before September.

So the Mets need to get a corner outfielder before the trading deadline. Trot Nixon and Andy Phillips are the equivalent to the Jeff Conine pick up last year. Where was Omar when Jim Edmonds was released? Can you imagine Edmonds and Beltran in center & left? Ugh, possibly the two best fielding outfielders in the NL (next to Andruw Jones) on the same team. Plus Edmonds has been on a hitting tare the likes of which the Mets haven't seen this year.

Omar better have some deals up his sleeves.

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bryan said...

I hate to admit it, but Alou is the key to this team. If his bat is in it, they'r a good club, without it, we have Tatis/Noxon batting 6. That's a hge difference. Unless a trade can be had, which is doubtful, our hopes, unfrotunately eston the creaky shoulders of MOises Alou.