Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wagner Takes the Heat

I can respect a man who admits when he screwed up and is willing to take the heat for it. I guess I expected nothing loss than this comment from Billy Wagner after last night's game:

“Pelfrey pitched great…To go out there and lay an egg, it’s hard. It stinks…Any time you’ve got the lead going in to the ninth, you gotta win that game. The guys battled, the guys came in behind me and kept us in the game. Beltran did what he usually does, and he won the game for us…Unfortunately, Pelfrey didn’t get the win, but he was the MVP of this game.”

Well put Billy, but there's still the issue of you taking a significant down turn in your pitching performance of late. This has to be the worst week of Wagner's career with two blown saves in a week. Let's pray we don't have an Armando Benitez type of season on our hands.

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bryan said...

I too like his candidness, but Wagner always has these stretches. His worst week as a Met was in the 06 NLCS. He was the reason Heilman pithced two innings in Game 7 and served up his now signature gopher ball - b/c Wagner was awful and Willie couldn't go to him.