Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hot for Trot

The Mets just signed the newly released Trot Nixon to add an extra bat (and body) to their bench.

I love this move for a couple of reasons. Now don't get me wrong, Nixon is not the solution to all the Mets problems, but his arrival hopefully helps in a number of ways.

1. Less Fernando Tatis
Tatis is a great story...for a day. He can no longer play every day and he has proven he can't catch up to fastballs. Nixon's arrival put Tatis on the bench in a much more limited role which is where he deserves to be.

2. Willie Randolph can't carry 4 catchers
I know Willie is tempted to bring in another catcher. I think he was hoping Mike DeFelice would become available, but Nixon is an able body that can prevent the addition of yet another catcher on the bench.

3. An experienced OUTFIELDER
No more Easley or Anderson in left field. Not sure why they were out there to begin with but Nixon now is that extra outfielder to back up Alou/Church whenever they get healthy.

I've liked Nixon for a while now starting back when he was on the Red Sox. He's the type of hard nose, no-nonsense type of player that the Mets need right now. The question will be whether he can hit .250 or better, but I have a feeling he'll play a nice role on this team.

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