Friday, June 27, 2008

Rain, Questionable Pitchers, and More Rain

It's Subway Series weekend, who's psyched?

Yeah, me neither. What used to be the battle for Gotham, this year has become the struggle for survival.

The Mets & Yanks meet this weekend with neither team on top of their division, or on top of their game for that matter. The Yankees are sending out pitchers from the cast of Bull Durham, while the Mets throw a youngster (Pelfrey) and an aging star (Pedro) in today's double dip.

The real question for the weekend series is how many games will be played. Thunderstorms and rain are forecast for basically the entire weekend. A rain out on Saturday would be painful because they might force another double header on Sunday, right before an 8 game road trip.

The Mets are facing the lower half of the Yankee pitching staff and should, that's right SHOULD, score plenty of runs. Whether that happens or not is another story.

The Mets desperately need 3 wins this weekend. I only expect to see 2.

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