Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mets Back to Old Selves

Are you kidding me? How comical is this team? After getting back on track winning 7 out of 10, the Mets inexcusably lay an egg scoring one run in each of the last two games against a very weak Padres team. All of that good will they had built up has quickly vanished just like the Mets’ offense.

I’m trying to figure out what’s bothering me more, the fact that the Mets are absolutely pitiful with men on base, or that I actually stay up ‘til 1am to watch this ugly display. I do know one thing, I am done trying to figure this team out. I am done feeling like they’ll turn the corner, like they’re actually a good team. Enough is enough, people. We need to face reality and accept that this 2008 team is average at best. I said it a few weeks ago, they are the definition of mediocre.

There are just so many holes in this team but there is none greater than their hitting. Their offense is so over rated. I don’t know what their average is with men on base but I’d venture to say they have to be one of the worst, if not the worst in all of baseball. In fact, I cannot remember a more inept team. On the eve of Openeing Day, I talked about how timely hitting was going to the key for this team. Unfortunately, clutch hits have been far and few between and that is why we're sitting 5 1/2 games out. I mean, how many times do we have to watch them leave the bases loaded? How many times? It’s pathetic and I’m so tired of it.

The problem now is, how does it get fixed? Do we just have pray for guys to get healthy? Well there’s one of the major problems with this club, they are a bunch of dinosaurs. How can we expect to possibly go anywhere when Damion Easley and Fernando Tatis hit 5th in this lineup? And so long Carlos Beltran…Back to your cave. After hitting 2 honme runs in 2 games last week, the guy is MIA once again. Where are you? For crying out loud snap out of it and start driving the frustrating! “We’re the team to beat this year”…blah, blah, blah. You’re hitting .250 with 6, count them, 6 home runs! Way to back up your talk. Meanwhile, the Phillies are starting to smoke your club and everyone else in the NL. They, Beltran, are the team to beat.

Unless Omar can pull off a surprise deal for a slugger, I’m afraid the Mets are going to continue to play .500 ball. And that, Mets Lifers, is not what we expected this season.

…One run in each of the last two games… unbelievable. And everyone wonders why Mets fans are so ticked off.

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