Friday, June 27, 2008

Delgado Gets 9 RBI, Watch for Flying Pigs

Be prepared folks. Pigs are flying. Obama and Hilary are looking like Ozzie & Harriet. And Al Gore has just admitted he had nothing to do with the Internet. Strange things are happening.
Oh and the strangest thing is Carlos Delgado, yes the most unproductive Met of the last two seasons, drove in 9 runs today. Yes, nine.

The first grand slam in the last two seasons was hit by none other than our beloved first baseman. And if that's not odd enough, Luis Castillo looked like Tony Gwyn getting on base and scoring almost every time he came up.

The Mets, yes our Mets, swept the Yankees in Yankee Stadium. The devil right now is breaking out his Isotoners.

But before we get all giddy, let's see what Pedro has in store tonight. A double header sweep would be enormous, but I feel an offensive drought coming our way.

Yes, I'm cynical about this team.

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