Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Time To Rant About this Horrendous Team

A 5-1 lead becomes a loss. It's beyond pitiful. How much longer do we have to wait until something happens?

Does anyone care? Can anyone pitch on this team? Where on earth is Angel Pagan? What happened to Matt Wise? Has Duaner Sanchez been getting advice from Aaron Heilman? How is the best hitter on this team a 42 year old arthritic man? What does Willie Randolph have to do to lose his job? Does Willie have photos of the Wilpons in a precarious position? How many runs is needed for a "safe lead?"

Can we watch Triple A games on SNY instead? Can they just rerun games from 1999 so I can see some professionals like Piazza, Ventura, and Olerud who could get timely hits? How much longer before Santana turns into the lights out ace we all needed?

How on earth did the Diamondbacks score 3 more runs from the time I started this post? If another person complains about how fans boo the team at Shea do I have the right to slap them? Why on earth is Willie obsessed with having a dozen catchers on the bench when none of the subs are any good?

Why can't there be any good shows on TV during June so I at least have something else to watch? When does The Closer come back to TNT? Is a little consistency too much to ask? Why do the Mets like to tease us so?

What on earth does Willie have to do to get fired? He's like George Costanza on that episode of Seinfeld. Is it just me or does Endy Chavez make Nick Evans look like Ted Williams? Was there ever a clean up batter in MLB history who didn't hit double digit home runs in a season or will Beltran be the first? Why am I sweating so much while writing this?

I think I'm done now.

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bryan said...

Great post! Absolutley great post!