Sunday, June 1, 2008

Beltran's Bat

Don’t underestimate how big that win was yesterday. For 7 innings, the Mets looked like they were reverting to their old selves when they couldn’t get one hit with men on base. All day long, they left guys stranded. As such, it was very frustrating watching them plod along, and look lethargic as Tim McCarver pointed out. When cameras panned in the dugout, you saw that familiar gaze on guys’ faces; lifeless, ready to accept defeat.

Then, Carlos Beltran stepped into the box in the 8th with Wright on second, and launched his biggest hit of the season, a two run bomb that tied the game and ultimately paved the way for the Mets’ second come-from-behind victory in 4 games. We’ve been waiting for that all season.

To say Beltran has been a disappointment this year is an understatement. He’s a cleanup hitter, albeit, not traditional one, with only 4 home runs, before yesterday’s shot. To put that into perspective, Luis Castillo has one less homer, and Jason Werth of the Phillies, hit thee in one game a couiple of weeks ago. So while it’s been a largely disappointing season for Beltran, we all know this guy can go on a binge and carry a team much like Utley and Howard are doing for the Phils right now. We’ve had a nice run here, wining 4 out of 5, with two dramatic wins. In order to sustain this, Beltran has to contribute more consistently and with power. “We are the team to beat,” Beltran proclaimed before the season started. Now is the time for the Mets to be that team, and it is time for Beltran’s bat to carry them.

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dave said...

Excellent post. If Beltran catches fire he can carry this team with his bat because Reyes is showing he can consistently get on base.

How much are you dying to have Wright and Beltran be a combo like Utley & Howard? Ugh, I'm salivating at the thought.