Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Did You Know Reyes Is On Fire?

Don't look now folks, but Jose Reyes has found his stride.
The Mets lively shortstop had his hitting streak ended the other night, but has picked right back up with a stellar game earlier this afternoon. Reyes homered, had a key first inning double, stole a base, scored a few runs and might as well have pitched an inning or two the way things are going.

Reyes is the sparkplug for this team, but the guys behind him (except for one David Wright) are doing a good job of driving him in.
Hey Beltran, Reyes has just about doubled your home run total.

When Reyes is on his game this team is ten times more fun to watch. I do think he needs to take a few extra hours of infield practice, but dont' change whatever he's doing at the plate.

On to San Diego for four more. Let the Reyes good times roll.

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