Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let's Get Over Willie Randolph Being Fired

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Willie Randolph was fired. It's done. The Mets could have handled it better. They probably should have, but guess what. It's over. Let's win some baseball games, which bring me to this very important point.

Tonight's game is HUGE. Enormous, really. If you think I have a tendency for hyperbole, you'd be correct, but honestly I believe this game is really big for this ballclub for a number of reasons:
  1. No one expected them to win last night - with a win tonight, you've won the series against the Angels and won 4 out of your last 5. That's a huge step for a team that can't find a winning streak to save their lives.
  2. Gets people to move on from Willie Randolph - A win tonight gives Jerry Manuel his first win and starts getting people to forget about the Randolph situation and focus on winning ball games.
  3. Big win against a top pitcher - Tonight's matchup is a serious pitchers' duel. We've got Santana. The Angels have Lackey. A win against the opponent's top pitcher is a rarity for the Mets, unless you're the Diamondbacks.
  4. Player morale needs to be up - A loss tonight would do some damage on player morale. I'm sure there are guys who are sad to see Willie go and this will just allow them to mope and moan for a few more days. A win tonight and spirits are high.
Winning ball games is what it's all about. How's that for profound? Reyes is on fire. Beltran is heating up. Castillo is the best hitter with runners in scoring position. And our ace is on the mound.

No excuses for not winning tonight. We need it.

If only David Wright could get out of this slump, this team might be able to start something. It starts tonight.

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Richard Jennings said...

Dont worry Willie, there are lots of high paying jobs if you know where to look -


$75K, $100K, $150K .....you'll be back in the game in no time!