Sunday, June 29, 2008

Perez Can Beat the Yankees, But That's It

Oliver Perez is a sever disappointment these last two months. However, there's two teams Perez can beat: the Braves and the Yankees.

I fully expect a win from Perez tonight. For some reason, Perez is a gamer. He loves the spotlight and the tough situations. No Mets pitcher has beaten the Braves and the Yankees more the last two seasons than Oliver Perez. Sure he gives up 10 runs to the Mariners, but he'll pitch a 2 hit shutout against Atlanta.

Now will I be surprise if Perez lays an egg tonigh? Nope, but I do think he's due for a win. Perez has been beyond awful his last three starts, which means he's due for a gem and then he'll lose his next 3 starts.

That's life as the neurotic lefty. The Mets better not blow the chance to win a season series against the Yanks, not to mention the fact that they can get back to .500 before heading on the most grueling 8 games of the season starting Monday.

But there is one more thing. The Mets do need to score a run, otherwise it won't matter how well Perez pitches.

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