Monday, June 9, 2008

What Will It Take to Change the Mets?

What's it going to take? An earthquake? 10 plagues? Tug McGraw's ghost in the dugout?

What's it really going to take to get this team straightened out?

I'm not sure it's going to happen, but there are a few ideas I have that could possibly change the course of this season:

1. Fire Willie Randolph
Whether you like Willie, hate Willie, support Willie or think it's not his fault, there's no denying that firing a manager before the All Star break would change the course for this team. I don't even know who you would bring in. Larry Bowa? Jerry Manuel? Bobby Valentine? Keith Hernandez? I don't know, but it would sure shake things up. I remember in 1999 when the Mets fired all of Bobby V's coaches but kept him as a manager. All of a sudden things started changing. This team needs a shot in the head and firing a manager would rattle some cages for sure.

2. Make an early trade
This time of year trades are unheard of. Everyone seems to like to wait until the end of July to start dealing. Omar Minaya is a guy who likes to make a splash and making a trade this early in the season would send a message to this team. Now I have no clue who on earth the Mets would trade for or who they would trade, but just the fact that an effort is being made to improve this club could open up some eyes.

3. Swap the roles of Aaron Heilman & Oliver Perez
This might be the most drastic of ideas. Put Perez in the bullpen and throw Heilman into the rotation. Do any of us really believe that Perez will fix what's wrong in his head and become a dominant pitcher for years to come? Ok, now does anyone think that Aaron Heilman will be a lights out 8th innning guy for years to come? Yet we're going to leave them as they are and expect different results? That's the definition of insanity.

I don't claim to have the answers, but I know we can't keep going the way we're headed. Something has to change.

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Scott McLean said...

The Mets have underachieved so badly this year, even with all that great talent, it's worse than any nightmare I can think of. They are still not out of the N.L. East race but my gosh they need to get it going now!