Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why Is Delgado Still Here?

A kindred spirit over at Mets Fever has written an excellent post that poses the question "How Much Longer Do We Have to Put up with Delgado?"

What a fantastic question, and one that we at Mets Lifers have been asking over the course of two seasons now. Delgado in 4 at bats last night saw a total of 7 pitches and got out at every at bat.

Is Delgado such an intricate part of this team's makeup that even though he's playing like 10 year old school girl on crutches he still needs to be on this team? I don't think so.

Does he provide leadership? Nope. Is he a great fielder? Please wait while I stop laughing. A clutch hitter? Come on, that's not even funny. What does he do for this team besides hit into double plays, strike out, and get the occasional solo homer?

He does NOTHING. Send Delgado on his way. He's done and we're done with him.

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The Mets Police said...

Someone has to play first.