Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sorry Pelfrey, Thank You Beltran

Mike Pelfrey, you deserve better. This is the second outing of the year where you've pitched a gem only to leave empty handed. Looks like Billy Wagner caught the same bug that's been plaguing Heilman & Sanchez and I hope he apologized to you, Pelfrey.

If the Mets would have lost that game there would have been overturned cars in the parking lot. David Wright showed some serious emotion/frustration with his own play, but it was Carlos Beltran who finally put me out of my misery.

As I'm watching the Mets fall apart and the game drags on into extra innings, my wife turns to me and says "Why are you watching this? You know how it's going to end? They're teasing you. They're going to lose."

Thank you Beltran for proving my wife wrong, because honestly I thought she was right.

Johan Santana needs to pitch a perfect game tomorrow because the bullpen is done. I can't say how impressive Pelfrey was tonight. First pitch strikes and limited walks will make any pitcher look masterful, but Pelfrey was totally in command from start to finish.

I hope that's a sign of things to come.


bryan said...

I'm just impressed your wife stayed up to watch with you. Gotta love that1

dave said...

Ironically she bailed in the 13th right after David Wright popped out. Next batter was Beltran's bomb!