Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where is Reyes' Head on the Bases?

Jose Reyes has been playing well of late. He's been hitting the ball, getting on base, and scoring runs. He's possibly the most valuable asset the Mets have so I can't get on him too much.

Ok, yes I can.

Jose Reyes was the turning point of the game yesterday. For the Yankees that is. Reyes was picked off second base with two on and two out with the Mets down by two runs. Did I mention David Wright was at the plate? Yeah.

First of all they teach you in little league that you never try to steal third with two outs because a base hit scores the run so stealing third gives you no real advantage. Reyes was caught prancing off of second and Andy Pettite picked him off without even trying.

Pettite owns Reyes. Reyes looks like he doesn't know what to do when Pettite is holding him on first base. Every time Pettite picks up his leg Reyes goes scampering back to the bag. That is unless he's on second base.

Someone please get Reyes an instructional video or make him learn how to deal with pickoff moves because this isn't the first time we've seen this nor will it be the last. Reyes is such a valuable commodity when he's on base, but if he can't make the right choices and use some discernment when on the base paths he renders himself useless.

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