Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sad Realizations from a West Coast Road Trip

  1. I hate West Coast road trips, and so do the Mets
  2. Every Mets Lifer knows that Pedro Feliciano should only pitch to left-handed batters, but Willie Randolph doesn't
  3. Carlos Delgado can hit in San Diego, but can't hit anywhere else
  4. David Wright is struggling
  5. Adrian Gonzalez has 17 home runs on June 8, but Carlos Beltran won't have 17 home runs on September 8.
  6. I found myself coveting Brian Giles because he has a .414 OBP and no one on the Mets is even close to that
  7. Fernando Tatis needs to follow in the footsteps of Nelson Figeroa
  8. Pedro Martinez WAS a hall of fame pitcher, but is no longer
  9. Oliver Perez needs a psychiatrist
  10. The Mets will never have a run like the Phillies are on
  11. Willie Randolph is the only person that doesn't know about Billy Wagner's horrible track record when he pitches in the 8th (anyone remember his performance against the Phillies last September?)
  12. This team will finish the season 2 games over .500
  13. While the Mets can't beat the worst teams in the West, the Phillies are sweeping the Braves in Mylanta.
  14. The Mets don't have an All Star player this year.
  15. This team is playing tired and it doesn't get easier against the Diamondbacks with Owens, Webb & Haren pitching
  16. The Mets left 20+ runners on base against the Padres
  17. 90% of the times a Mets batter gets a 3-0 count, the count ends up going to 3-2
  18. A two out hit with runners in scoring position is as rare as a $2 gallon of gas
  19. I learned more about Keith Hernandez's childhood this week than I ever thought I would
  20. And the worst realization is the Phillies are hands down the best team in the NL