Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Mets Way

Is anyone really surprised with the way the Mets’ brass handled Randolph’s firing? This is the same organization that held a sing-a-long contest and played a Rick Astley song at the final home opener at Shea, knowing full well that the song was chosen as a joke. This is the same franchise; that had Broadway stars sing show tunes for a half hour before a game with their hated, cross town rivals; that allowed the Baha Men (you read that correctly) perform “Who Let the Dogs Out?”at the 2000 World Series. This is the same organization that signed off on the Kazmir-for-Zambrano trade.

I’m no apologist for Randolph, as I wanted his head more than a month ago, but as far as I’m concerned, the handling of his ousting was just par for the course for this Mickey Mouse operation. The only thing appropriate about it was the location and its close proximity to Disneyland.


dave said...

I'm just waiting for the "You Manage the Team" for a day promotion. It's coming.

bryan said...

Now that's an idea!