Friday, June 27, 2008

Brian Runge Should Get More

Below is a video from someone in the stands the night the Mets got pummeled by the Mariners, but they also got an excellent video of Jerry Manuel and Carlos Beltran getting tossed by Brian Runge.

I watched the game at home and was shocked at the blatant bumping Brian Runge gave Jerry Manuel. I've never seen an umpire do that. I also couldn't believe how Runge basically tried to force Beltran into getting thrown out by getting in his face. The umps are suppose to be impartial parties that call the game not to effect the outcome. There should be no personal vendettas, but unfortunately that's not what we're seeing of late from any sport.

Brian Runge deserves more than a one game suspension. I'm glad to see MLB did something about it, but the umps need to learn a lesson that this behavior is unacceptable. If it was Manuel who bumped Runge, Manuel would have been suspended multiple games. Runge deserves the same type of punishment.

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