Monday, June 23, 2008

This Week's Expectations

In no particular order, here's what I expect from the Mets this week:
  • Dominance from Johan Santana - He should shut down this Mariners lineup and when he faces the Yanks on the big stage this weekend, he will be ready to show he's worthy every penny.
  • A double header split on Friday - The Mets might be the worst team in doubleheaders. I fully expect a loss in one of the two games. They just better not get swept.
  • More home runs from Carlos Beltran - I have a strange feeling he'll hit 3 more bombs this week. All from the left side of the plate.
  • David Wright to get his groove back - Someone stole his mojo and Wright needs to get it back. He's showing some small signs of getting back in sync but he needs a breakout stretch.
  • The bullpen to blow a lead - It's been like 6 games since the bullpen has given up the lead in a game. It's bound to happen this week.
  • Luis Castillo heads to the DL - I'm so glad we signed him to a multi-year deal.
  • The trade rumor mill churns faster - Adam Dunn, Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, etc.
  • The "fertilizer" comment to die quickly - Jerry Manuel's analogy will deservedly die on Tuesday.
  • The Mets sweep the Mariners - Anything less is unacceptable
  • The Mets take 3 from the Yanks

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