Monday, August 11, 2008

Meeting Kevin Burkhardt: Priceless

Two tickets: $110
4 beers: $32
2 hot dogs: $11
Meeting Kevin Burkhardt: Priceless

It was in the 7th inning and I had literally just got done telling my wife that I hate going to the game when they lose because you spend a ton of dough and you leave with nothing to show for it. Frankly, in this case, as parents of a 3 year old girl and 7 month old son, $200 was worth some “alone” time, even if that "alone" time was with 50,000 other Mets Lifers, we’ll take it. (The baby sitters were free, thank you Leslie, Harry & Gloria).

So, after venting to my wife about the money and losing, I went to the bathroom. Upon my return, I ran into Kevin Burkart, who was holding a child in one arm, grabbing napkins or putting ketchup on a hot dog (I think), and I said, awkwardly, “Kevin, hey, you do a great job…’ to which he replied, “Oh thank you.”

Now, I’m not a guy who gets all star struck. I’ve met athletes before, actors and politicians, and it's no big deal. But anyone from the Mets' organization is like meeting royalty for me. Burkhardt is like part of the monarchy. And those of you who read this site know what big fans Dave and I are of his. (see here & here). I truly believe he will be in this business a long time.

So I continued, “yeah, the Mets should lock you up to a long term deal” and he was genuinely appreciative. I told him I wrote about it on this site and he asked which one, so of course, I told him. Why did I tell him this? No clue. The guy was totally nice and sincere. I went to shake his hand and like I said he was holding a child in one arm and in his other hand was the channel 11 microphone, so turning a slightly awkward moment into relatively normal exchange, Kevin put his fist out and said “how ‘bout punds?” So we exchanged pounds and as we walked away I think he said he’ll check out the site (or maybe I told him to check it out).

Kevin, if you read this, it was great meeting you. Thanks for softening the blow to my wallet while the Mets got smacked around. It was priceless.


dave said...

He's a great commentator. A nice guy. And a family fan. What's not to like?

A silver lining to an otherwise dreadful day at Shea.

NIck said...

hes awesome...his wife is my teacher and their son is so cute! :p