Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can Someone Tell Tri-State Ford Dealers to Get Us a David Wright Commercial?

As anyone who watches the Mets on SNY knows, there are 3 commercials you're guaranteed to see during any Mets game: 1) Ron Darling's Sovereign Bank ads 2) That Heineken Amsterdam commercial that starts with the old dude yelling something incomprehensible 3) Derek Jeter's Ford Edge commercial.

The only way tri-state Ford dealers can air a TV spot this many times during is a season is if they've cut some sort of season long sponsorship deal where they get ad space during every Mets game. So let me get this straight, you just cut a deal to advertise on every Mets game and you're spokesperson is Derek Jeter?

Hmmmm, that's great target marketing.

It's not like the Mets don't have someone who could do a good job. David Wright would be perfect for one of their spots. You could even give Johan Santana a shot. Both are recognizable names with exceptional talent, but instead we've got to watch a Yankee smiling on our TV sets for 162 games a year.

Come on tri-state Ford dealers. Give me my David Wright's got an Edge commercial. Get with the program.

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