Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank You Pirates

Dear Pittsburgh Pirates,

Thank you so much for being such gracious hosts this weekend as the Mets came to town. You truly rolled out the red carpet for us and don't think it went without notice.

Your errors in the field and lack of hitting at the plate, especially against Aaron Heilman, was very thoughtful of you. I know many people think that Pittsburgh is not very nice, but the way you rolled over for the Mets makes us want to come back again and again. And the fact that you traded away all your top notch players before we arrived was really considerate.

I can't telly you how timely this visit was. The Mets really needed a relaxing vacation. David Wright even got the day off and we still shut you out. I wish there was something we could do to repay you for your hospitality, but in the meantime please know that you'll be in our thoughts as we head back home.

Please know that you're welcome to pitch to us whenever you're in town.

Mets Lifers

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