Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bring Me Relief

Let's say you're Omar Minaya. How do you feel about your job security right now? That's what I thought. Probably not too secure. You've got a bullpen that can't hold a lead. Your closer is injured. You made zero moves at the trading deadline. And if the Mets don't make the playoffs, you'll need to freshen up your LinkedIn profile.

So what do you do? If you're Omar, you do nothing. But if you're smart you go out and make every possible move that can be made to change this bullpen.

Now I fully understand that Omar can't go out and get a top notch closer, like a Lidge or KRod. I understand it would be tough to get a respectable reliver like a Huston Street or Broxton. I also get that you don't want to give up more prospects like Nick Evans, FMart, or Daniel Murphy.

But that doesn't leave you without options.

There are relievers out there that have cleared waivers or are free agents. Off the top of my head I know that David Weathers, Eric Gagne, and Al Reyes are all available in some form. Now are they the top notch arms we would covet? Absolutely not. Are they any worse than the arms we currently throw out there every day? No.

Omar needs to go get two more arms for this bullpen, one at the very least. I don't care if their ERA is over 4 and they have a losing record. At this point I'm willing to take my chances with pretty much any arm that is not Duaner Sanchez, Joe Smith, or Scott Blowenweiss. Give me Gagne who at least has a history of success. I'll take my chances with Al Reyes who used to be a reliable arm. I'll even give David Weathers a swan song at Shea.

This bullpen has to change. Would you feel confident playing in the playoffs with this group of arms in our current BLOWpen? Did you know that the Mets have been outscored by opponents by more than 50 runs after the 7th inning? Don't you think it's time to roll the dice and see what happens? Could it be any worse than our current situation?

I think any legitimate Mets Lifer knows the answer to these questions. Your job is on the line Omar. You're the king of chances. It paid off with Oliver Perez and John Maine when you signed them. Take a shot Omar, because if you don't I'm pretty sure the Mets pennants chances are shot too.

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