Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aaron Heilman Tells Me to Shut Up

It's 12:04 on Wednesday morning and Aaron Heilman has me wide awake. I'm pretty confident that the Mets will lose this game against the Phillies, but I have to give credit to Aaron Heilman for pitching 3 scoreless innings.

I thought he'd blow it in his first inning. Then I was absolutely sure he would blow it in his second inning pitched. Then I thought Jerry Manuel took one too many crazy pills when he marched Heilman out for a third inning.

Aaron Heilman's strikeout of Ryan Howard had me jump off my couch at 4 minutes past midnight. That's tough to do. Heilman may have sold his soul for those three innings, but for all the dogging of him that I've done these past few months I had to give him some credit for surprising even his harshest of critics.

Now don't ask me if I expect him to ever do this again.

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The Phan said...

I was at the game! Awesome game, especially for a Phillies fan. =]

Aaron actually didn't blow it. Kinda surprising.. Scott did..

But, the Met's have been winning the last few games, and the Phillies tired bullpen has blew a few games..

Should be a tight race.