Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BLOWenweiss Lives

Hated more in Queens than Osama Bin Laden. Ladies and gentleman, Scott BLOWenweiss


Chris Beadling said...

When Heilman came out, I thought of you. You're right though, he pitched three pretty good innings.

Then Schoenweiss came out of the pen and I was pretty sure I could hear you screaming from Bucks County. The best pitches he threw were the 8 wide Jerry Manuel decided to use to get to Chris Coste.

There's always tonight for your BLOWpen to redeem themselves.

dave said...

i thought i heard you laughing at me from Bucks County. I was screaming when the brought Heilman in but then i cried when i saw BLOWenweiss take the mound.