Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wrong With Wright

What's wrong with David Wright? Is he burned out? Is he tired? Are the bullpen shennanigans getting to him? They're killing me, but this isn't about me. This is about my beloved third baseman. The face of the franchise.

First of all I think David Wright needs to go ask Fernando Tatis what kind of drugs he's on, what he's eating for lunch and then go get some of his own.

Ok, seriously, why is David Wright in such a funk? He does have a habit of going through these patches in the second half of the season. Do you remember in 2006 when David Wright was pretty much a lock for MVP? Yup, that was until August came and Wright hit a skid that dropped him out of the running.

Honestly, I do think it has something to do with his swing. I'll caveat this by saying I am in no ways a hitting instructor, but it does appear that David Wright is swinging with a slight upper cut. It's like he's trying to hit a home run for the first two strikes.

Wright's approach at the plate now is very different than just a year ago. He doesn't go the opposite way at all which use to be his big strength. How many opposite field homers have we seen from Wright this year compared to the last few seasons? Not nearly as many.

It might be as simple as Wright's trying to do too much. He's frustrated. He hates the losing. He hates being surrounded by losers, I mean, the Mets bullpen. I think a day off would do him so good, but I really think he needs to get back to going the opposite way with the ball.

Two nights ago Gary Cohen remarked that David Wright leads the majors in "productive outs." We don't need productive outs from David Wright. We need hits.

I have a feeling he'll come around in the upcoming series against the Marlins. If he doesn't, this team is in a world of hurt.

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