Monday, August 25, 2008

Carlos Delgado: Comeback Player of the Year

As I sat there watching Carlos Delgado round the bases after hitting his second 3-run home run of the night, I turned to my wife dumbfounded to which she replied, "He's on steroids. This turnaround is not natural."

She has a point. Delgado's turnaround is not natural. It's one of those divine things that happen once every so often and make you sit back and enjoy the game of baseball.

The comeback player of the year award is normally reserved for those players that are injured or away from the game, but any Mets Lifer will tell you Delgado would have been better off if he was injured last season. His dismal performance in 2007 and his horrid start to 2008 had Bryan willing to help Delgado flee the country.

I've been caught up with the demise of the BLOWpen and the recent surge of the Phillies that the positive spots in this surprising Mets season often get lost. We saw two of them tonight in Mike Pelfrey and Carlos Delgado. But Delgado may be the bigger of the surprises as its so tough for a veteran to be able to find his stroke again once it appears to have been lost.

Delgado now has 28 home runs and is on pace for close to 100 RBI. Think about where the Mets would be without his comeback performance.

It's great to have you back Delgado. Now just keep it up for one more month.

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bryan said...

Delgado's been awesome!

Tatis could be a candidate as well.