Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Bounce Back

The Mets have proven to me their ability to bounce back after a bad loss. We've had our full of bad losses this season, but since the All Star break the Mets have showed that they won't let those blown games keep them down, especially against the Phillies.
Tonight's game was tailor made for another disappointing loss. Down 3-1 with Santana on the mound it was scripted to perfection as another blue and orange tragedy. But it was not to be.

Carlos Delgado is making his case for team MVP and man did he ever come through in the clutch with two home runs in the 7th and 8th innings was the difference maker. And how about young Daniel Murphy showing Brad Lidge how much he likes his fastball driving in the game winning run. Lights Out Lidge proved he's no better than Billy Wagner at pitching in the 8th inning. Why on earth Charlie Manuel didn't bring Lidge in to face Delgado is beyond me and I'm sure it will be questioned by every Phillies fan in the morning.

So last night's blown game is all for naught as the Mets leave Philadelphia in the exact same position as when they arrived. . .in first place.

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