Thursday, August 28, 2008

David Wright: Waiting for September's Jerry Crasnick wrote an article this week about the 9 MLB players that really come through in September. Listed at #4 is the Mets very own David Wright.
According to Crasnick's stats David Wright is a career .324 hitter with .549 slugging in the final month of the season. This isn't at all surprising to me as Wright always ups his game when it counts, and he was the only Met producing last year as the team slowly faded away.

Interestingly enough, Pedro Martinez made the list of players who underperform in September. Well he's gotten some practice in underperforming in April-August the last few years too.

I hope the back to school season and the change of the calendar helps Mr. Wright get things together. Even though he notched his 100th RBI already, it seems like he's been struggling of late and getting down on himself when he doesn't produce late in games. His defense has really been stellar though.

If the Mets are to keep their lead atop the NL East, they absolutely have to have David Wright at his best to fend off the Phillies. If history is any indicator, Wright is a few days away from an offensive explosion.

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bryan said...

He is visbly pressing. Reminds me of ARod when he's at the plate now. He needs to snap out of that funk.