Friday, August 1, 2008

Some Thoughts on Tonight's Loss

Had these thoughts tonight while watching tonight's loss to the lowly Astros:

Endy Chavez is terrible with men on base. Can't believe he has only 11 RBI in 247 ABs. ELEVEN! Carlos Zambrano has 9 RBI in 60 ABs. 

I knew David Wright would not come through with the bases loaded and 1 out in the 7th. Wright has nice stats, but he's been brutal with runners in scoring position. Difficult to win when your best hitter fails to hit in big spots...he knows it more than anyone too. I actually wished Tatis was up in that spot. 

Mr. Beltran...Tonight, for the first time, I feel completely fed up with this guy's pain-staking inconsistency. I've been patient with him too long - 'he's streaky, he'll get hot again...' Enough! Can he just play better day in day out? How did he not catch that ball tonight? Changed the whole complexion of that inning...

Was wondering if Jerry Manuel had been watching the Mets for the last 4 years? Everyone knows not to pitch Heilman for two straight innings. This bull pen is just terrible and will ultimately be our downfall, much like last year. They're the same guys...does anyone really think they'll turn it around? They are what they are - awful! 

Good thing Philly is an average team.

The most popular thought I had tonight - would have been nice to have Manny in there.

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dave said...

Bullpen help, bullpen help, bullpen help! How long do we have to preach this before someone listens!